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Active Cashmere® is founded on the simple vision of bringing functionality to cashmere while maintaining the utmost quality of the fiber. The modern point of view on cashmere embraces minimalism, comfort, sustainability, and respect for craftsmanship. We work with local craftsmen, a global supply chain and local manufacturing network developed over two generations in the cashmere business to achieve the highest standard of luxury for today’s fluid lifestyle.

The Active Cashmere® proprietary technology and certified tested treatment process enables the garments to be water repellent, machine washable and durable without compromising the soft hand feel, lightweight nature, and breathability of the cashmere. Water repels off of the garment's surface, maintaining dryness on the inside, and eliminating wetness, staining, odor and water absorption. You can machine wash our garments without the risk of shrinking or pilling, maintaining their original shape and form over countless washes.

Our family history in the cashmere business extends over 60 years, providing us with unique access to the world’s finest cashmere, responsible, certified, and transparent fiber sourcing, and the best mills in the industry. We source our cashmere at the highest standards from select villages in Inner Mongolia. We work with eco-friendly and green facilities that recycle the water used in their yarn manufacturing process, and knitters that eliminate fabric waste through utilizing the latest garment-knitting techniques and machinery. 

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