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Our Cashmere

We work with craftsmen and craftswomen who appreciate and nurture the highest quality cashmere from ethically sourcing the best raw material to producing the finest yarn and knitted garments that last over countless washes and wears.

Our globally-tested treatment process enhances the natural qualities of cashmere without compromising the soft hand feel, lightweight nature, and breathability of the garments. Water repels off of the garment's surface, maintaining dryness on the inside, and reducing dampness on the outside to eliminate odor and wetness. You can machine wash our garments without the risk of shrinking or felting, maintaining their original shape and form. 

We rely on generations of responsibly sourcing superior cashmere at the highest standards in the industry from villages in Inner Mongolia. We work with green facilities that recycle the water used in their yarn manufacturing process. Our knitters minimize and eliminate fabric waste through utilizing the latest garment-knitting techniques and technology. All treatments and dyes used in our manufacturing processes are non-hazardous, hypoallergenic and non-toxic.