Active Cashmere:

water repellent / anti-microbial

100% Cashmere technology



DanRoy is a family run company with over 50 years of experience in sourcing and developing cashmere. Todd & Duncan is the world’s largest and finest quality cashmere yarn spinner and leader in cashmere yarn production for the past 125 years.

DanRoy, in partnership with Todd & Duncan, is globally the first company to enhance the performance level and quality of cashmere through a treatment that is infused into both the cashmere yarn and knitting process. The unique application of this shower-proofing technology enables a range of cashmere products to be water repellent, machine washable, and durable and long-lasting, while maintaining an even softer handle that improves with every wear. 

We work exclusively with the best craftsmen in the world and utilize the utmost quality cashmere produced in Scotland via Todd & Duncan’s green facility and sustainable manufacturing process. Our goal is to expand the global availability of Active Cashmere through strategic collaborations with international fashion houses and retailers worldwide.